About Miracle Custom

homebanner11We are a large and dynamic medal manufacturer in China based on the international customer orientation. As a factory serving distributors and retailers of medals all over the world, we have adequate skilled workers and a complete set of machines in metal crafting production. We specially emphasize on the quality of customer service, offer very fast turnaround, apply the latest and low-cost payment tool such as Paypal and Western Union, and also provide very low freight rate for all international air and sea couriers.

We have all kinds of raw material, color processes, and finish for your selections. Besides the zinc alloy normal medals, we also make medals in iron die struck which is low in cost but heavy in weight.Brass is also available if you want top quality. Soft enamel, imitation hard enamel, translucent enamel, tinted enamel, silk screen printing, off set printing are all the color process selections for your medal. You could define your medal by selecting the material, color process, and shape, so the medal made out will be the best for you. Any types of customers are welcome.We have no minimum order quantity restriction.

Producing Process
STEP 1 Molding
Use CNC or handmaking.It depends on the provided picture or design.
STEP 2 Outline Cutting
Cutting molds are made separately, then cut to the exact outline of the design. Outline cutting molds may be required depending on the complexity of the design.If a center hole or cut-out is required,an additional cut-through mold must be used.
STEP 3 Coloring
Enamel is composed of glass-like material combined with metal oxides and clay into fine powder. Cloisonne powder cannot be mixed like paints or soft enamel, as each color returns to its own shade after heating.
STEP 4 Firing
Colors are fired one at a time at 1,600F for two to four minutes to stabilize the enamel and prevent color bleeding.
STEP 5 Stoning & Polishing
* Each piece is fully cooled. * Finishing is by rubbing the surface with a carborundum stone until all excess color has been worn away. * Surface then polished until smooth and shining.
STEP 6 Attachment
Attachment is soldered onto the back of each piece.
STEP 7 Plating
Plating now can be processed. The quality of plating varies with the length of time the metal is soaked in the plating liquid. Click on the link to see the different plating colours available for this process.
STEP 8 Inspection & Packing
All items are strictly inspected before delivery. Customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed!

1. Eco-friendly
2. OEM & ODM service
3. Reasonable price and high quality
4. Prompt delivery
5.100% manufacturer
6. Over 10 years’ production experience.
7. Cheap mold charge and open mold fast
8. Satisfactory pre-sale service and after-sale service
9. Strictly inspection for every product before packing
10. Professional designer to design various custom artwork