Custom club coins with shiny nickel finish and sandblasting

Custom club coins with shiny nickel finish and sandblasting

Custom club coins with all of the distinct options available, your custom club coins will be perfectly suited to your needs and will make a lasting impression. Whether you need a special size, shape, color, style or display effect, we can provide the necessary features. There are additional fees for epoxy, 3D Features, Dual-Plating, Photo Printing or Cut-outs. Instead of charging you a flat fee, we want to work with you to determine what’s best for your needs and your budget. Our standard coins are 3.5mm thick—0.5mm thicker than other minting companies. This increased thickness allows our 3D challenge coins to display the sharpest detail and imagery in the industry.

Product Name: custom club coins
Material: Brass, Bronze,Copper,Zinc alloy,and more metal Material for belt buckle
Design: 2D/3D custom logo design
Color: Pantone color chart with soft enamel etc
Finishes: Antique Brass Coin,Antique Copper Coin,Antique Gold Coin,Antique Silver Coin,Raven Black,Nickel Coin,Shiny Gold Coin,Shiny,Nickel Coin,Satin Gold Coin,Satin Nickel Coin etc..
Size:Any size & customer size
Options: Diamond Edge, Swirl Edge, Wave Edge, Petal Edge, Reeded Edge,Edge Text,Epoxy Coating,Sandblasting, Odd Shaped, Keychain, Picture Insert, Screen Printing,Two-Toned, Numbering, Engraving, Cut-outs etc…
OEM: Customized logos and designs are welcomed
Coin Presentation Options: Velvet bag, velvet box, hard plastic case, wooden stand, plastic stand etc..

Contact miracle custom coins and we will thoroughly examine your custom coin design, providing you with the pricing range for your preferred coin options. After reviewing the options and deciding what works best for you and your budget, we will begin to draw up a production graphic of your coin to review with you, to ensure a complete and mutual understanding of the design of your custom coins. This is also the perfect time to fine-tune your design and the features of your choice!

Get Started on your Custom Coins Now!

custom club coins
custom club coins
custom club coins
custom club coins
custom club coins
custom club coins


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